Apartment Marketing Ideas 

Apartment Marketing Ideas

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Apartment Marketing Ideas


Apartment marketing ideas help create a positive environment for rental properties. Every renter has things that are important to them, jobs, proximity to shopping facilities and schools affect many people. Security deposit specials are a great attraction for people shopping for apartments. Saving money is the goal for apartment dwellers and saving on the security deposit is a start. Rental specials are also a way to draw customers. This is used by apartment owners and is especially good for areas with a high college population.
When landlords are developing apartment marketing ideas they will find customers are always interested in living in close proximity of highway access. Getting off crowded highways and getting to a destination is important. Traveling each day to school and work creates stress, so living in easy reach of main roadways is important.

Advertise amenities surrounding a property works as a great apartment marketing idea. When a building is historical the location is a prime seller, particularly when conveniences are easily reached. Emphasize these conveniences; grocery stores within walking distance or stores with convenient delivery services. Some buildings have personality; beautiful windows, wood flooring and lovely gardens. Customers will find patios and garden walkways an asset.

Pet friendly apartment rental ideas are especially attractive to people. Pets are a part of the family for owners and most would never think of renting a place their pet could not reside. If an apartment is equipped with a garage and a large number of bedrooms, families are very interested in these properties. This fact should be advertised. Any special feature in apartment marketing ideas should be presented to the interested public.

People move to locations for schools and community influences. College students may have one set of expectations for an apartment and families another. Fitness facilities may be a requirement for some groups and a gated facility for others. Each amenity is geared toward a targeted audience. Apartment marketing ideas are contingent upon the market. People retiring, exchanging a large home for an apartment may be interested in locations with a golf course close by or parks. Only a clear study of the market can give a landlord the needs of the community they are renting to. uncategorized

Orion Residential Uses RealPage Apartment Marketing to Reach Target Demographic

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Dan Gumbiner, President & CEO of Orion Residential, talks about how his company uses RealPage apartment website design, to better market to their target demographic and help their leasing agents lease more effectively.

RealPage apartment marketing can help your property website gain visibility in search engines. You can therefore capture more leads and fill vacant apartments. RealPage apartment marketing helps generate the most qualified traffic at the lowest cost.

RealPage offers a suite of property management software solutions and services. FInd out more:


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